Help Detoxify Your Body Everyday – Tip # 3

Just as important as what you eat is also what you don’t eat.  The focus of this next point is on foods that shouldn’t be a part of any healthy eating plan, especially if you are trying to reap the benefits of detoxification.

Tip # 3 – Eliminate the junk!

Don't eat this crap

You'll be kicking yourself later if you actually eat this!

The first step in ridding the body of excess toxins is to avoid (as much as possible) taking in more toxins!

Foods to eliminate from your diet include highly processed and refined foods such as white flour and sugar products. Also watch out for food additives such as refined salt, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings and chemical preservatives, along with unhealthy hydrogenated and trans fats. Unfortunately, the biggest culprit of these ingredients are the packaged and convenience goods that are so readily available for consumption, such as frozen dinners, instant rice/pasta packages (just add water!), canned soups, crackers and cookies.

All of these can contribute to toxicity and congestion in our bodies. They also lack the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for proper metabolism.

Careful not to be fooled by pretend “health products” either. Just because it’s sold at the health food store doesn’t necessarily make it healthy.

You have to become a label reader. But I urge you not to obsess over the nutritional information, such as calories, fat, etc. This definitely plays a role in some circumstances, but before you even get to that point first check the ingredient listing. If there’s a long list of ingredients that you do not recognize or cannot pronounce, put it back on the shelf where it belongs. Ideally you want to buy foods with as few ingredients as possible. Many whole foods wouldn’t even have an ingredient list!

There you have it.

Eliminate the junk!

Check back soon for Tip # 4.

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