Fave Fridays – Give me Guacamole…


Give it to me right. Or don’t give it to me at all! 

That means I want it made fresh to order, or homemade from scratch in my own kitchen. 

I don’t want any of the grocery store imitators with their hydrogenated oils, artificial colours and preservatives. Did you know that a lot of the brands you find in grocery stores don’t even use avocados as the main ingredient?! In fact, some brands have almost NO avocado in them at all. Gross? Yes!! This is just another example of how some food manufacturers are out to make an easy buck by cheaping out on quality ingredients. I’m almost positive that the people making this crap wouldn’t even touch it themselves! Now with that said, there are some brands out there that are a lot better AND actually have avocado listed as the first ingredient (very important). Just make sure you read that ingredient list before you make any impulse purchases to ensure you are getting a quality product. 

Even so though, guacamole is very easy to make and almost always tastes better when you make it yourself. And for almost the same price you would pay on a small container in the grocery store, you can make more than triple the amount when you make it from scratch. 

Believe me, once you try the real thing you’ll never touch another container of store-bought guacamole again. Call me a food snob if you will, but I feel my body only deserves the best and you guys should too! Why settle for less? 

Below is a fresh and easy recipe to get you started. I made this one last weekend for my Book Club ladies. And let me tell you – it was a hit! 

As a side note, if you ever need an excuse to get together with friends for some good food and conversation – start a book club! Not that we should need an excuse to kick-back with the girls or guys, it’s just that sometimes busy and hectic schedules prevent us from finding the time. Plus commiting to read a little more doesn’t hurt either! 


Here’s my recipe.  

Easy Guacamole 


2-3 Avocados (They should be ripe but still kind of firm. Don’t use overly ripe avocados that are really mushy because these are most often rancid) 

1 vine ripened tomato – chopped 

1 small bunch of cilantro – finely chopped 

1-2 cloves of garlic – minced 

Juice of one lime 

Pinch of sea salt (or to taste) 


Slice avocados in half, remove pit and scoop the insides into a large bowl. 

Add chopped tomato, cilantro, garlic and squeeze lime juice over top. 

Sprinkle with sea salt. 

With a potato masher or fork, mash the mixture until all ingredients are combined. 

Don’t over mash it. You should be left with a chunky dip/spread. 

Serve it with cut up veggies, flatbread crackers, spread it on your sandwich or add it to your salads!! 

Guacamole - one of my faves!


Here’s to the real thing baby! 


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