The Sexy Language of Your Body

Body Language

Stomach gurgles. Heartburn. Excess weight. Belly bloat. Creaking joints.

Sexy language? Hmm, maybe not.

Nonetheless, your body is always speaking to you, and it doesn’t like to be ignored.

You’re not expected to always understand its translation, but you must at least attempt to hear it out.

If you’re not paying attention, now is the time to pull up a chair and LISTEN UP. (*double snap*)


Brittle finger nails, check. Pimply skin, check. Stomach pain, check. Bloating, check. Excess weight, check. Frequent colds, check. Missed periods, check. Depression, check. Burnout, check. Screaming uterus, check. Every possible symptom under the sun, check, check, check. 

Some symptoms shout a lot louder than others, competing for your attention. “Pick Me! Pick Me!” 

While some are completely manageable, albeit just a tad (read: extremely) annoying. Gurgling intestines, I’m looking at you!

The point here isn’t to make a goal out of achieving a symptom-free state of bliss where you never so much as even have to feel a whisper of movement from within. And it’s definitely NOT about shutting your body up from talking to you all together.

No way!

You want those pathways of communication clear and open, flowing smoothly right up until that very last day you breathe in your final sweet breath. Because how else will your body sound its alarm system after you’ve ingested some grossly contaminated food other than expelling it violently into the toilet?

The point is you need to listen, carefully. That’s your job: to remain open and curious about the language of your body, sexy or otherwise. Not to become complacent or let those symptoms run your life, or to chalk things up to being “normal” or part of the inevitable “joys of getting older”. (And just to be clear, it’s also not about subduing or muffling those symptoms with medications, although sometimes that might be necessary).

It’s about having guts, really. To put on that sexy little detective hat and step up to the plate to take an honest and hard look at how you’ve been living, and examining every area of your life with a fine tooth comb. Of course, it goes beyond just the food you put into your mouth, silly. You knew that, though.

It’s also about recognizing which areas need changing, and then having the courage to try changing them, should you deem that a worthwhile pursuit. And then, of course, having the humility to pick yourself up off of the floor (wiping the dust of that booty in the process) and trying again when you don’t get the results you had hoped for the first time around.

So…the moral of the story is: never forget that your body is always talking to you and that her mother tongue is the language of, you guessed it, symptoms (yes, it’s that good I must repeat it).

Pain is a call for change, but to change your endgame you’ll need to roll up those sleeves and do things a bit differently; because as you know, to keep on trucking along doing the same old thing but expecting different results is just crazy thinking. You instinctively know this though deep down in your gut. It’s just another one of the many ways your body is always communicating with you!

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