Sunny Sundays – Stop being busy and start being happy!

Now here’s some advice we would all be better off taking. Myself included!

Easier said than done though, right?

Seems we are all a bunch of busybodies these days with our hectic schedules, countless commitments and endless to-do lists.

Speaking for myself though, it seems to come and go in waves. And I know a lot of the time it’s the product of my own creation and often due in part to procrastination.

If you’re like me at all on this Sunday night, wondering what happened to the weekend (is it really over?), then the below read is for you.

After reading it myself, I admittedly feel more inspired to do some reprioritizing in certain areas of my own life. Sometimes it just takes a bit of a reminder. In this case, the common expression “It’s the journey, not the destination” warrants repeating.

Hope you enjoy!

Inspiration for busybodies – By the way, this blog is a great resource for information if you’d like to become more of a minimalist and declutter your life. I highly recommend it:)

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