Liver Lovin’ Smoothie

With over 500 known responsibilities, the liver is the body’s detoxifying powerhouse. Every toxin that enters the body must be evaluated by the liver and ultimately eliminated (as long as the liver is functioning optimally). Among its many functions are: conversion of foods into life-sustaining nutrients, the transformation of toxins into harmless chemicals for excretion and the regulation of blood sugar (to name only a few).

Focusing on the topic of detoxification, the liver has proven itself to be extremely efficient in detoxifying the toxins that enter the body via the food we ingest, chemicals we inhale or come into contact with through the skin. That is until now…the 21st Century. We are exposed to such a barrage of toxins in our daily lives that it’s no doubt our livers are having a hard time playing catch-up. These accumulated toxins in our body diminish the body’s ability to function properly and contribute to a number of different disease states.

Our livers need a steady supply of nutrients to function optimally, while other lifestyle factors may need to be addressed as well. You can take steps in ensuring your liver is performing at its peak by consulting with a certified health practioner who can make “liver promoting” diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

See below for a Liver Loving Smoothie that I include in my daily routine quite frequently. Ingredients and amounts can be adjusted to suit individual taste preferences.

Recipe – Liver Lovin’ Smoothie

Blend together in a strong blender (I use my Vita-Mix) for about 1 minute

4-5 dandelion leafs with some of the stem (fyi..the more stem you leave on the more bitter it will be)

1 apple

1 piece of fresh ginger (I use a pretty hefty chunk b/c I love the taste)

Juice of 1 lemon (or lime or combo of both)

1-2 cups of water (I like to add more b/c I prefer more of a liquid consistency like juice)

1/2  – 1 tsp of Spirulina (This makes it taste extra green so use less if you don’t enjoy Spirulina as much as I do!)

The bitterness of this smoothie helps to support the flow of bile, while also supporting the liver’s natural detoxifying properties.


Detoxifying dandelion greens

Detoxifying dandelion greens

My lovely Vita-Mix. I use this baby almost every day.

My lovely Vita-Mix. I use this baby almost every day.





There you go!

Is it any coincidence that the word “live” is in the word “liver”?  I think not.


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