Why I don’t recommend juice fasting right before your wedding (video)

Have you ever been tempted to juice fast your way into an outfit?Q & A - juice fasting

Recently I was asked by a bride-to-be what my thoughts were on doing a juice fast right before a wedding to get into tip-top shape – specifically a 3 to 5 day juice fast leading right up to her wedding day.

Her intention wasn’t to drop a bunch of weight but more so to reduce any bloating while also reaping some of the benefits that are often associated with detoxing, like the post-cleanse glow and soaring energy levels.

Since I’m quite open about my love for juicing, I think she was a little surprised to hear that I actually advised against it in this situation.

I decided to put together a little video (just me + my iPhone) explaining the 4 main reasons why I don’t think it’s a great idea.

Even if you’re not getting married, this can apply to other situations where you may be tempted to do a juice fast as a last effort to look your best right before an event. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

xo Elaine

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7 thoughts on “Why I don’t recommend juice fasting right before your wedding (video)

  1. Loved this video. So knowledgeable.

    Would you be able to do a post on Candida and how to treat it? I’m only 21 and have chronic candida and am struggling with it.

    • Thanks Kris. I’ll see if I can dedicate a blog post to this topic in the future. Although I don’t have a past blog post specifically about this topic, I have talked about Candida throughout some of my blog posts pertaining to digestion and detox.. For now, I would direct you to this one https://www.elainebrisebois.com/the-4-rs-of-healthy-digestion/ and if you’d like a book reco I might suggest The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. Feel free to get in touch with me via email if you’d like further guidance. Hope this helps!

  2. Wise words, Elaine! Yes, a juice fast just before your wedding would not be a good idea and the reasons you are giving, are sound. The chances of experiencing a breakout or some other unwanted detox effect, are way too high. Not worth the risk before your most special day! A bride-to-be should never experiment with something new just before her wedding.

      • Yes, Elaine! I have been juicing for almost 2 decades and have a passion for sharing the benefits of it with as many folks as possible. You are welcome to pop in at my website too!:-)

  3. Hi Elaine
    Great video and tips on juicing and fasting. Thank you!!! You mentioned that one could try to start juicing gently. Any suggestions on what a good combination might be? You probably posted a recipe or two somewhere but I may have missed them. Thanks!

    • Thanks for watching, Maggie. I encourage you to check out this post all about juicing https://www.elainebrisebois.com/green-juicing-it-baby/. There are a couple of recipes included at the bottom of the post. The key when you are starting out is to add lemon and/or a little bit of fruit to cut the green taste…so for example, you might add half an apple or pear to those recipes listed. Happy juicing!

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