Feel-Good Holiday Gift Guide ($30 and under)

Here we are full-swing into the hustle and bustle of December and just eleven short days away from Christmas!

I’m sure many of you have finished your holiday shopping already, but if you’re like me at all and haven’t quite started, below I’ve listed my top picks under $30.

These are all gifts you can feel great about giving AND receiving, should you be so lucky!

1. Passport to Prana

Give the gift of a yoga! This pass gets you one free class at each participating studio within your selected region. Considering the price of drop-in classes at most studios, the card basically pays for itself after you use it twice. The 2011 passport is still available and doesn’t expire for a full year after you activate it. Check out their website to see if there are participating studios near you. In Canada the prices are either $20 or $30 depending on your location.

2. Kidskonserve Insulated Stainless-Steel Thermos 

If you find yourself stuck in a sandwich-rut when it comes to packing lunches look no further. This eco-friendly BPA-free container is great for kids AND adults!

These little gems allow you to pack healthy soups, stews and chilis with no microwaving required. Simply heat the contents on the stove-top in the morning before leaving for work or school, place in the thermos and go! Most stores I’ve seen these in retail around $24.99.

The next three gift  ideas come from by favourite teashop – DavidsTea.

3. The Bubble Tea Set 

Because sometimes you want to have your friends over for tea! I own one of the larger teapots and I use it all the time. Sometimes I’ll brew myself a full pot and just sip away all afternoon while I’m working from home. This teapot holds 24oz and is available as a set ($29.50) or stand-alone ($24.50).

4. Winter Tea Collection or the Wellness Tea Collection from DavidsTea. 

Five delicious blends included in each! Retail: $25.50 each.

5. Noble Glass Travel Thermos 

Any tea-lover is guaranteed to love this gift! Easily drink your loose-leaf tea on-the-go sans tea-bag and without swallowing tea leafs! This chic glass thermos is complete with a lovely bamboo lid.

Davidstea has come out with their own updated version of a similar model they used to carry that was so popular they couldn’t keep it in stock. It only makes sense that they would come out with their own version. I’m sure this one will fly off the shelf as well!

Note: Don’t be surprised if you get a few sideways glances from on-lookers while you’re drinking your tea. Whenever I used to drink from my older model my co-workers at the time would question its contents claiming it looked like swamp water. Yum! Retail: $29.50.

6. Glass Bottles from lifefactory 

These are especially great for fresh-pressed juices and smoothies that you can take out the door in the morning and sip en route to work. Drinking out of glass tastes so much cleaner and you don’t have to worry about the after-taste you get from plastic containers. Its silicone sleeve ensures it won’t crack if you accidently bump it or drop it, plus it’s BPA-free. Available in different sizes and styles including baby bottles! Check out their distribution partner Soko Distribution for a list of retailers in Canada.

7. Glass reusable straws from strawesome

Because sometimes it’s nice to sip your smoothie (or fresh-pressed juice) with a straw! You can also avoid those blueberry-stained lips! Available in all different styles. Check out their website for pricing and retailers.

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