Embracing your inner Beach Babe (A recipe for the locks!)

I realize that the end of summer is fast approaching and our days of lying around on the beach are unfortunately limited. However, it never occurred to me until just the other day when a few of my lady friends asked me how I pulled off my “wavy beach” hair that I even considered writing a post about it or sharing my DIY recipe.

This goes out to all my sisters, the ones who want to rock the beach babe look all year round regardless of ever stepping foot on a beach. Perhaps you have dead-straight hair and wanna give it a little added oomph, or maybe you have that “in-between” type hair, not quite straight but not quite perfectly wavy either and you need a little “somethin somethin” to help it along. I fit into this latter category.

For the summertime I am much of a “wash and go” type of girl, for two reasons mainly. One – I basically boycott my hairdryer as it is waaayyy too hot in my non air-conditioned apartment to turn the thing on, and two – I can’t be bothered to put in the time or energy to blow-dry it out nicely. I’d much rather be out in the sunshine.

A few months ago when I saw a “beach-wave” hair spray in the beauty section of one of my favourite health-food stores, I have to say I got a little excited. I had my eye out for one for a while, but most of the sprays I had seen previously contained other questionable ingredients that I didn’t feel comfortable spraying on my hair. I flipped it over to see what the ingredients were in this more natural brand…water, sea salt and lavender oil – that’s it!! I knew I could replicate it at home without paying the $20 price tag so that’s exactly what I did.

After doing a little research on the web here’s the recipe I came up with.

I should also mention that this spray works better if you already have a little natural wave in your hair.

DIY: Beach Babe Hair Mist

1 cup of filtered water (room temp or warm)

1 tbsp of sea salt

10 drops of lavender essential oil*

A spray bottle that holds at least 8 fl oz

If you have a larger spray bottle feel free to double the recipe

* The oil helps to add softness and shine to your hair while minimizing the drying effects of the sea salt. It also makes your hair smell perty! You can add other essential oils if you don’t dig the smell of lavender.


Pour all ingredients into the bottle using a funnel to avoid spills. Give it a shake and spritz over damp hair. Create more defined waves by scrunching your hair and twisting sections into ropes with your fingers.

I also use this spray on dry hair in between washes. Seeing as I only like to wash my hair a few days a week, a few spritzes of this helps to freshen it up with the smell of natural lavender and re-texturize loose waves.

Here’s to being a beach babe all year round!


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