Checklist: 10 Ways to Improve Your Digestion (right now!)

Improve your digestionDigestion is a hot topic around here, and one that I’m very passionate about. This is because I know that an optimal functioning digestive system is the cornerstone to great health!

Did you know there’s a direct correlation between your digestive health and your ability to fend off illness, the look and tone of your skin, and even your ability to lose weight?

At the end of the day though nobody wants to feel bloated or gassy, experience heartburn, or suffer from constipation and irregular BMs.

This is why further to my last post on food combining, I thought I would compile a list of all my best digestive health tips and put them into one little handy checklist that you can have at your fingertips!

Notice that these are all things you can start doing right now without having to buy any fancy supplements.

Check out my checklist!

Smooth Move Checklist

Print it out for yourself and try to check off a few of these tips this week.

Click here to download the Smooth Move Checklist.

Also feel free to pass this along and share it with anyone you like!

You can click here to tweet about this checklist!

In the comments below, let me know which tips are already working well for you, and let me know at least 1 new thing that you’re going to try doing today.

I’m personally going to concentrate on eating more mindfully at each and every meal.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

xo Elaine


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6 thoughts on “Checklist: 10 Ways to Improve Your Digestion (right now!)

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  2. As usual, great article with excellent advice!

    I eat lots of veggies but am unsure if I am eating too much dense food. Could you provide an example of an 80/20 in terms of quantity/portion sizes? Sometimes it is good to have a tangible, measurable amount for guidance. For lunch and dinner I eat a salad large enough to fill a 10 inch wooden salad bowl. What amount of dense food should be eaten during one meal? An amount no larger than what can fit in a hand, a cup, four ounces?

    Also do roasted veggies count as dense since the water has been removed?


    • Thanks Lara! The 80/20 is really more of an estimate that you can think about it in terms of total volume – either in the context of a meal, or the context of an entire day. It’s really just a reminder to be more mindful that you’re taking in lots of fresh, enzyme containing food. For example, some people automatically assume that they’re eating healthy because they eat plant-based, however, they could be eating rice and beans (both dense) with little to none, fresh (or even cooked) veggies.

      I’m really not one for strict measurements because we all have different energy needs and appetites, but to give you an example, an 80/20 meal might look like: a big salad + roasted veggies + a piece of fish.

      I would still consider the roasted veggies as part of the “80” as long as they’re lower starch veggies – i.e. NOT potato or winter squash.

      Hope this helps!

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