I ate based on the recommendations you gave me and noticed a few things – my digestion improved, bloating decreased and I lost over 25 lbs in 3-4 months! I exercised along with this but it was obvious that the nutritional direction made a big difference. I also have more energy and feel better about my health.

The fact that you represent what you say is really helpful and encouraging along with your gentle, insightful, clear way of sharing your recommendations.  You made me want to pursue your recommendations, and I did and voila! Also, it’s obvious that you believe in and are passionate about what you are sharing.

The way you recommended that I eat and make food choices – especially under pressure – has made it really easy to make choices in public settings – eating out, being entertained by friends, work meetings – the choices are clear without being stressful, and this is a huge benefit.  Any way to reduce stress is key! Also, the care of my diet is always with me now and that’s a big plus as eating is such a big and important part of life – so what I put in my body is really vital.

Maggie Millwood, Marketing & Communications Director

Things are going really well – I feel GREAT and have been cooking every day. I think the biggest thing I’ve found in the last few months is that I am full and happy on less food than before, and very rarely crave (or want to eat) sweets or snacks. Thanks again!

Katrina Cinelli – Manager, Marketing and Communications


I was diagnosed with thyroid disease almost 20 years ago, but its impact on my life became most significant around a year ago.  My thyroid was demonstrating no function and I was a total wreck.  I could barely get out of bed in the morning, I was always exhausted or feeling sick, I gained weight, and wasn’t feeling up to any of my usual activities like hitting the gym or heading out with friends.  I wasn’t myself and medication wasn’t helping.

When my thyroid specialist recommended a gluten-free diet, I understood the basics of what I had to do, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I wanted to work with a nutritionist, but I was concerned about practicalities.  Specifically, I wasn’t convinced that a nutritionist could make recommendations that would work with my lifestyle.  I’m busy, I travel internationally for business, I like dining out with friends and trying new restaurants, and I don’t want to shop at a health-food store for all my groceries.

I chose to work with Elaine because of her “real food” approach to nutrition and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Elaine spent our initial sessions educating me on why people develop gluten intolerance, how it related to my thyroid condition and what kinds of foods to avoid.  I appreciated that she really took the time to help me understand the underlying issues.  Elaine helped me with groceries, and most importantly, gave me ideas for substituting some of my favourite foods that were now off-limits. We took an approach where we didn’t replace glutinous foods with processed and expensive gluten-free alternatives; we instead identified foods that are naturally gluten-free and can be purchased in any grocery store, found on most restaurant menus and are easy to identify when travelling internationally.

I’ve been following Elaine’s recommendations since October 2011.  Elaine has been a great support and her recommendations have fit easily into my life.  The greatest validation to her program is that my doctor was able to reduce my dosage of thyroid medication and a number of my hypothyroid symptoms have been eliminated.  I’m back at my normal energy levels and doing the things I’ve always enjoyed. I actually lost weight beyond what I had gained, and in general am feeling great.

If you are considering working with Elaine, you should know that she really ‘gets-it’. She can work with any lifestyle.  She took the time to understand and address my concerns up front and worked with me to create an approach that I could stick to.

Jenn Tulk, Senior Manager, Global Resourcing


Elaine, Thank you!

You’ve helped me change a lot of my habits since the workshop: I’m more aware of what I eat, I chew my food, I see the importance of calming down and taking time for myself in the week, I’ve started stretching, I think about eating fruits on an empty stomach and not combining animal products with starch etc.

Some physical things I’ve noticed are that my clothes are looser, I sleep better and my skin is clearer.

I think everyone needs to hear about how every part of our lives affect us and our bodies. The program really showed how wellness must be approached holistically – mind, body and spirit

I loved how the sessions all connected with each other and it was focused on lifestyle and not quick fixes. I loved seeing the sample menus to see what food combining looks like and the recipes that came with it.

Both you and the workshop are very open and approachable – people can find where they fit in and they don’t need to be overwhelmed or afraid. Thanks so much Elaine!

Rebeka Ly, M.T Student