The 10 Principles for Mastering Your Diet and Toasting Life at the same time

A photo by Stefan Johnson.

1. Raise your standards. Don’t be afraid to be a bit of a food snob – I actually encourage it. The truth is, if you’ve ever experienced for yourself what it’s like to feel energized, strong, and full of vitality, and have digestion that hums along smoothly (you know what I’m talking about) – not to mention clear, glowing skin – then you’re less likely to accept feeling like a second-rate version of yourself. This isn’t to say that your choices are always going to be perfect, but if you do stray (detours can be fun!), you’re more likely to return again because you’ve set the bar so high. The whole goal is to reach a place of ease. When you break certain fundamental laws that govern your body, you end up with dis-ease – the opposite of what we’re going for here.

2. Unsubscribe. Don’t identify too strongly with any particular paradigm of eating or food label. As your body and environment evolve, so too will your diet. Also, keep in mind that a tool is just a tool (and there are many at your disposal). Trial and error is a good thing. Don’t follow the in-crowd. Personal accountability means finding out what works for you. There are many different diets and ways of eating that work for people all around the world. Extrapolate the best from each. Let the seasons of the year AND the seasons of your life serve as your guide.  Continue reading

Do you Baby your Hunger? (5 Reasons to Stop Snacking)


Do you treat your hunger like a baby?

Rush off to rescue it at the slightest whimper or stomach growl?

Go looking for a little “snacky” to soothe and calm its cries? Goo-goo Gah-gah.

I’m sure that sounds ridiculous, but the truth is, this is how many people go about their day-to-day lives.

Besides, isn’t it only normal for a mother to want to comfort her baby and ease any tension it may be experiencing?

Of course, it is.

But we need to find the right balance. Because we sure as hell don’t want to be one of those helicopter parents either, smothering our child’s every move. Continue reading

A Prescription for Overindulgence (Meal plan included)

A photo by Maciej Serafinowicz.

We’ve all been there at one point or another.

One too many heavy meals eaten out, “treats”, glasses of vino, or late nights burning the midnight oil. Maybe all of the above? (*slowly raising my hand over here*)

Maybe it was a weekend away at the cottage, a beach vacation, or an endless stint of patio drinks in the summer. Or maybe life just got crazy busy.

You went off the diet, the protocol, the plan. You overate.

Maybe only temporarily, or maybe for too many days in a row. And well, now you don’t feel so hot.  At least not as hot as you know you could be feeling.

So what do you do?  Continue reading

The Sexy Language of Your Body

Body Language

Stomach gurgles. Heartburn. Excess weight. Belly bloat. Creaking joints.

Sexy language? Hmm, maybe not.

Nonetheless, your body is always speaking to you, and it doesn’t like to be ignored.

You’re not expected to always understand its translation, but you must at least attempt to hear it out.

If you’re not paying attention, now is the time to pull up a chair and LISTEN UP. (*double snap*)


Brittle finger nails, check. Pimply skin, check. Stomach pain, check. Bloating, check. Excess weight, check. Frequent colds, check. Missed periods, check. Depression, check. Burnout, check. Screaming uterus, check. Every possible symptom under the sun, check, check, check.  Continue reading